Toy Box

Toy Box started in 1994 by an English mother, driven by her need to offer her children an English-speaking environment, pioneering Granada's first English nursery school.

Since then, many children have benefited from the experience and Toy Box Little School of English is today the answer to many parents' demands for an international pre-school education in Granada.






  • Pedro Morejón

    Papá Toy Box

    ToyBox es el lugar perfecto para aprender, conocer gente y divertirse. Hay que destacar la profesionalidad. ¡¡Enhorabuena!!

  • Pepe Vimasur

    Abuelo Toy Box

    Genial!... Excelente!... mis felicitaciones al Centro y al profesorado.

  • Tamara and Luís

    Toy Box Parents

    Nico empezó en Toy Box porque confiamos en vosotros y ha seguido porque tu confiaste en nosotros. Si hoy es un niño especial, es gracias a ti.

  • Lilian y Rafael

    Papás Toy Box

    Gracias al equipo de Toy Box por el cariño que recibe nuestro hijo Rafael en el día a día de sus primeros pasitos en su educación.


More about Toy Box

We collaborate with:

Granada College

book Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori methodology that we use at ToyBox Granada Little School of English is both a method and a philosophy of education. It was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, from her experiences... (read more)


registration Admissions and placements

Toy Box takes applications from parents of children who are 'walking', this is the entry requirement. Pupils may stay in the center until the time they start primary school. The children are grouped according to their integral ... (read more)


clock Hours and holidays

Toy Box Granada Little School of English opens from the first Monday or Tuesday of September until the last Thursday or Friday June: 8.15 to 14.30.
Babysitting service support... (read more)



Calle Luna, 2
18193, Monachil (Granada), Spain

+34 958 300 866


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